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  • Bora Bora Bora-Bora

    Country: French Polynesia Reservoir: Pacific Ocean Area: 38 sq km Population (2002) • population: 7 295 • density: 192 persons / km ² Bora-Bora - island in the Pacific Ocean, coral atoll surrounding the volcanic cone, in French Polynesia, Islands In The Wind in the Society Islands archipelago, northwest of Tahiti. Inhabited by Polynesians, who settled here ...

  • Grand_Canyon_Sunset Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural wonders on earth. Stand on the edge and admire the stunning magnitude and beauty of this unforgettable experience. The length of the canyon is 443 km and its width ranges from 200 m to 29 km. Maximum depth of the canyon (in ...

  • Niagara Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls is one of the biggest attractions of the central-eastern USA and Canada. Niagara River, flowing from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, has overcome almost hundred meter level difference. Roughly halfway through the river divides into two parts and two drops of about 50-meter-high waterfalls. These two parts are ...

  • Colca Canyon Colca Canyon and Valley of the Volcanoes

    Colca Canyon in the Peruvian Andes, looks like it was cut with a giant knife. This is the deepest gorge in the world. White snow-capped peaks, often hidden in the clouds grow 3.2 km above the valley floor. Colca river, wild and muddy in the rainy season, winds its way ...

  • Iguacu Falls Iguaçu Falls

    Falls Iguaçu (Iguazú) (Cataratas do Iguaçu, Spanish. Cataratas del Iguazú, Yguasu - comes from the Guaraní language - waterfall lying on the border of Brazil and Argentina on the River Iguaçu. River Iguaçu River flows from the Serra do Mar, near the Brazilian coast, south of Sao ...


Babia Góra is a mountain range lying in the band Babiogórski Beskidy Mountains in the Western Beskid Mountains. This is the highest peak in the Polish part of Beskid Mountains. It belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains. Since time immemorial, Babia Góra was regarded as the seat of various ghouls and witches. Apparently one of them, called Baba prevented willing ascent. And because the Babia Góra was famous for its numerous peaks, many adventurers wanted to count them. Unfortunately, Baba was unyielding. One evening, when they saw a few hikers who have to rate the summit fell asleep around  [ Read More ]

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Śnieżka has a height of 1602 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains and Sudety mountains, and also the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. The cone top is covered with rubble rock and rises over 200 m above the pass under the Black Sněžkou and Kopa. Śnieżka has an extremely harsh climate, by a large part of the year the temperature drops below freezing. In 1681, Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch built the chapel of St. Śnieżka. Lawrence, which offered the Cistercians. August 10 is celebrated the Feast of St. here. Lawrence, the patron of  [ Read More ]

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Palace of Culture and Science is located in the center of Warsaw at Parade Square. It is the tallest building in Poland and the fourth in Europe. Although he has always been unwanted and ignored by the Warsaw paradoxically became a symbol of Warsaw’s most famous building in Poland. Palace of Culture and Science was built as a gift from the Soviet people for the Polish nation, and the idea of ​​its construction was Joseph Stalin. The designer of a skyscraper was a Soviet architect Lev Rudniew. He designed among other university building in Moscow, which served as the prototype  [ Read More ]

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In a well-known under the name Rosenhoupt (other sources: Rosehaupt) point already in ancient times the fire lit, designed to facilitate orientation during the fishermen fishing in the Baltic Sea. At Cape Rozewie, which is the northernmost point in Poland, at the end of the seventeenth century, became a lighthouse. Unfortunately, after the partitions of the Prussian Polish coast is not burned any navigational light. It shone again only when the right by Rozewie there were several casualties (eg, during a storm in 1807, crashed here 14 French vessels). The old lighthouse, however, no longer fulfilled its function, so in  [ Read More ]

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Rysy are located in the main ridge of the High Tatras. Its height is 2499 m above sea-level and they are highest peak lying in our country. The top is a three-vertical, the other two lie side wierchołki Slovak and their heights are respectively 2503 m and 2473 m m.p.m.. Scratches are part of the main ridge of the Tatras, which is the point of three tropical ridge. The first ridge extends from lilac and Świnicy Pass by Mięguszowiecka peaks, Beef Back to Rysy. The second comes from the top ridge Rysy in a southeasterly direction to the High. The  [ Read More ]

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Sanctuary in Lichen

Lichen Old is a small town in Wielkopolska province, in central Poland. Sanctuary located there is one of the greatest Marian shrines in Poland, visited annually by about 1.5 million pilgrims and tourists. In 1813, the Battle of Leipzig, was seriously wounded soldier, Napoleonic Thomas Klosowski. He prayed to Our Lady for help, which appeared to him wander to the heart of a white eagle. She promised deliverance and asked him to find her image and surrounded the care of the family pages. Only after 23 years, returning from a pilgrimage to Czestochowa, near the village of Lgota Klosowski saw  [ Read More ]

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Turquoise Lake

Turquoise Lake, also known as Emerald Lake, is located on the island of Wolin near Wapnicy in the municipality of Miedzyzdroje. It was established in 1945, previously in its place was a pit mine in chalk. Seep into the excavation of the underground water of the river and flooded everything. Turquoise Lake is 20 m deep, but it is not big – 1.6 ha. It sparkles with all shades of blue and green. Water Colour is a merit of dissolved calcium compounds in it, and white limestone bottom. Turquoise Lake is surrounded by many hills, covered with woods and Mediterranean  [ Read More ]

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Morskie Oko

It is one of the most visited places in the Polish Tatras. Gathers crowds of tourists who began to arrive here early in the nineteenth century. Located in Valley Stream Fish-at the height of 1395 meters above sea level in glacial trough on the north side is closed moraine embankment. Widely recognized as the largest Tatra lake area 34.5 ha, or – according to other calculations – 34.9 ha. Its length is about 862 m and a width of about 566 m. According to some sources, the surface gives way to Morskie Oko Great pond in the Valley of Five  [ Read More ]

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Is an entirely situated above the upper limit of the forest circus big glacier with an area of ​​more than 7 square kilometers with a few side branches. Its main adornment is – contrary to its name-six joints: Front, Small, Big, Black, Tasks and a crop of eye; periodically appear in two more small rate. Bare rocks and rough turn rising above the waters, as well as an interesting, albeit sparse vegetation, which consists mainly mosses, lichens and vast grasslands form a magnificent alpine landscape. Front on the banks of Pond’s highest situated (1671 m) and one of the oldest  [ Read More ]

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Masurian Lakes

It’s throw on the tape. Only recognized as one of the seven world wonders of nature Masuria protect against damage. Now they are an oasis of wildlife. Naming the land of a thousand lakes Mazur is unjust; lakes is much more. The heart and also the most attractive part of Mazur is Masurian Lake District, situated in the middle. The whole landscape is slightly older than the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge UK. About 10 thousand years ago, melting glaciers leave behind a string of hills. Melting ice water flushed into the deep gutter. In the wider hollows remained ice, which  [ Read More ]

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