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Castel del Monte is located in the Italian Apulli, just 25 km from Barletta. The castle was built in 1240 by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen. Was recognized as one of the greatest architectural works of the Middle Ages, in 1996 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Castel del Monte is situated on a low hill at an altitude of 540 m above sea level. Located on a desolate, almost perfectly flat terrain, so when the weather is already visible from many miles away. Castel del Monte was built in place of an earlier stronghold, but it lacks the defensive walls and moats, and any other form of defense. The only protection are thick and more than two and a half meter wall.

The castle was built on an octagonal with bastions located in the corners and the main entrance to the east. The walls of the castle are 25 feet high, each with eight bastions is high at 26 meters. The inner sides of the octagon are 16.5 meters in length, and sides of the bastions of 3.1 meters.

Inside the Castel del Monte is a small octagonal courtyard, and on each of two floors housed eight great pitches halls. Initially, the castle had marble walls and columns, but they were demolished by vandals.


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Frederick II, who was known for his numerous travels, probably in the construction of Castel del Monte was inspired by the famous octagonal mosque of Omar in Jerusalem.

Castle, originally used as a refuge for members of the royal family, who hunted in those surroundings. Then it was transformed into a prison, and during the plague in 1665, sheltering him from the dangerous and incurable epidemic.

Historians still wonder, what originally was the purpose of construction of the castle, when Frederick II did not even see it. One theory is that the castle is a huge astronomical calendar, the other binds the dimensions of the castle with the measurements of the pyramid of Cheops. Theories are various, but most historians agree that it was not for defensive purposes.

Castel del Monte is located on the back of the Italian 1 euro-cent.


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